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A condom is a sheath-shaped barrier device, used during sexual intercourse to reduce the probability of pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection (STIs). There are both male and female condoms.

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How To Get Pregnant: Women Who Want To Get Pregnant Dating Site. Get Pregnant Tomorrow, Things you need to know to get pregnant rapidly.

Best condom sizes guide – find your perfect fit in 3 steps, browse condom size charts from all major brands – Trojan, Durex, Lifestyles and others. US and UK (EU) full condom …

Some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can be transmitted or contracted even when a condom is worn during intercourse. Learn which STDs spread this way.

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Can a teen get pregnant the first time she has sex? – Jenna* Yes, a teen can become pregnant the first time she has sex. Anytime a teen has vaginal sex with a guy, she is at risk for becoming pregnant.

It’s smart to use a condom every time you have sex. Condoms help prevent sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. If you’re 12 to 19 years old and live in California, find out where you can pick up free condoms or you may have the option to get …

Continued Do They Work? How well a condom works depends a lot on if you use it the right way. It’s possible for a woman to get pregnant even if her partner uses one.

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Many people question whether or not if pre-ejaculate or “precum” can get someone pregnant. Learn the truth on if that is actually a possibility.

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Yes. A lot of people think that if a teen has sex during her period, she can’t get pregnant. But it is possible for a teen to get pregnant while she is bleeding. This can happen for a couple of reasons: Having unprotected sex at any time is risky: Along with the chance of getting pregnant, you can

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Mar 08, 2016 · Retrieve The Condom First things first, that condom needs to come out of your vagina. At first you might not even realize the condom is inside of you, the way you don’t feel a tampon after you insert it all the way in. Try taking out the condom yourself and try different positions, standing up, on all fours, on leg on the toilet, etc.